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1 gallon Premade cultured Opae Ula water. For starting your own kit, desktop tank or breeder tank


Shrimp marts Opae Ula water is a cultured aquarium brackish water with all the beneficial bacteria and algae cultures to have a successful Opae Ula tank .

Save time and avoid the trial and error of making your own water and purchase the water straight out of our Breeder tanks. Our water is clean and our shrimp love it and it contains live algae to help feed your shrimp.

It can be used to:

1. speed up the maturation of a new aquarium tank.

2. Start your own Ecosphere or desktop aquarium.

Shipping can not be combine with other items due to the size of 1 gallon of water. It will be sent in a large Flat Rate priority box.

The only exception to combine shipping is if you want to ship shrimp in or snails in the water. This is only allowed during the WARM months of the year. 65+ degrees in your area.

Rocks can possibly be fit as well. Please contact us if you have questions about combine shipping with this order. We will get back to you asap