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1 pound of Hawaii Green Rock Randomly selected from tank coral " rubble"


This culture can survive in both Freshwater and Saltwater tanks. I currently Have Rock in my Opae Ula Freshwater and Saltwater tanks and the rocks have shown no signs of dying.

You will receive randomly selected rocks from our tank. They will be similar to the rocks shown in the photos in size and shape.

Our Green Coral Rubble is great for staking in piles to create a safe breeding place. Or if you just need a few rocks for a smaller tank.

Hawaii Green Rock is the first algae cultured rock on the market. We take plain Real white Coral and Rocks and place it in our Opae Ula Breeding tanks. After about 6-8 Weeks these once white rocks will have nutritious layer of Green algae coating them. These rocks are a hit with All types of Dwarf shrimp and look beautiful inside your tank! Hawaii Green Rocks are a great addition to a tank and have many uses such as.

1. Cycling new tank ?? Save your precious time and Kick Start that tanks water with a proven Algae Culture that your shrimp with love and thrive in.

2. These rocks are simply beautiful your tank can not have enough green in it !

3. They provide a constant supply of healthy free food for your Dwarf shrimp to graze on between feeding times.

4. Stack them up and provide protection for your shrimp. Protection is critical for females in order for them to reproduce and lay eggs.

5. Hawaii Green rocks make a great addition to desktop kits to help feed shrimp. It grows great with in direct sunlight.

Our rocks are shipped using Flat Rate Priority Mail and in Kordon breather bags.

When Receiving your rock be sure to rinse it with your tanks water before introducing it to your tank just to be safe. Place the rock in a place where it receives tank light or indirect sunlight and it will stay green as long as you have your tank.

*** note it is common for your rock to have a white bottom this is because the light only hits the top of the rock.

Combine shipping is available for up to 20 pounds of rock.
( or till full flat rate box)

Ruler in pics = 8 inches