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10 Hawaii Desktop Hermit Crab Homes ( for small crabs only )


When adding a hermit crab to your new desktop ecosystem it is important to provide them with empty shells to move into and is a must have if you add hermit crabs to your tank.

shell sizes are 1/4-1/2 inch for our small hermit tank mates
recommened amount is 3-5 shells per crab (depends on tank size bigger tanks need more shells because crabs are more spread out).

As part of a hermit crabs natural life they are constantly scavenging for food and looking for new homes. They often will fight with other crabs for a new home or kill a snail to steal its shell.

This can be avoided easily by providing empty shells for your hermit crabs in your tank.

Plus it is a joy to see your crabs pick up a new cool looking shell and walk around with it on their back.