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10 live Pipipi Hawaiian Cleaner Snails, Algae bulldozer brackish/saltwater marine snails


scientific name: Nerite picea
tank recommendation: 1-3 per gallon depending on algae growth

Pipipi snails or commonly known as the Black nerite snail are the best snail to have as a part of your aquarium clean up crew. I like to have the glass in my aquarium clean for great viewing, thanks to these snails I do not ever have to worry about green algae covering up the glass anymore. A few other reason Pipipi make great snails are.

1. These snails clean up unwanted tank algae like no other. They get to work chomping algae with in minutes of being introduced to your tank.

2. They are very hardy snails and can handle a big range of water parameters. From 1.006 brackish water all the way to full saltwater levels of 1.025.

3. Pipipi snails are reef safe

4. They do not reproduce in captive though my experience. Which is important for balanced tank systems. To many snails will take food from other scavengers such as Opae Ula or not leave enough for the other snails to eat. This is a common problem with snails like the " Malaysian trumpet snail" who can take over your tank with babies before you know it.

5. They have a good life span. I still have snails in my tank from 2 years ago and they are still working hard.

6. They have even eat my tanks green hair algae.

7. The Pipipi snail is commonly found living with Opae Ula in there natural environment which makes them such great tank mates. They are both hardy and work well together. If you feed your shrimp they clean up the algae the Opae can't eat leaving your tank clean.

Videos will soon be linked of these guys at work. Visit shrimp marts Facebook page for interesting before and after pics.