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100 Opae Ula Red Volcano BiOrb Shrimp wholesale Bulk !!


Opae Ula or Halocaridina rubra are Endemic to Hawaii, These Shrimp are extremely hardy. They can handle the most harsh of conditions compared to most aquarium animals. They can live in Freshwater and Saltwater. Handle a wide variety of P.H levels as well as temperatures ranging from 65-85 Degrees Fahrenheit. As well as LIVE UP TO 20+ YEARS !!!

They are commonly used in desktop aquariums, However many of these sealed systems cut the life span of these shrimp down to 2 years when they could easily live to be 20+ years old.

We sell them at wholesale prices and individual to allow the customer to create a unique and healthy environment for the shrimp so your family or coworkers can enjoy them for years to come!