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2 Premium Coral Shrimp Logs for Live Shrimp Tanks


You Will receive a Coral Log Similar to the one in the picture.

You will get 2 logs on medium sized and large ranging form 2-3 inches in length.

Our customers loved our Lava logs so much we had to extend our line of products. Now you can have coral logs that add a great glow to your tank

All of our rocks are hand crafted made in Hawaii and are unlike any other aquarium decorations we make our products with the consumer in mind and sell them at a price well below chain retailers thank you for your ongoing support !

What to do when you receive your rock ?

1. Give it a rinse with the hose or tap water to rid any dust or debris that could have accumulated in the shipping process. I do a general cleaning and sterilization but its still important to wash before tank.

2. After the rock is clean rinse the tap water off with your tank water riding it of any contaminates.

3. place in tank and enjoy.

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