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3 dwarf Shrimp Logs 100% real lava rock shrimp log


Shrimp Mart offers only the absolute highest quality lava rock to our customers . This rock is Hand selected and Hand crafted specially for your unique aquarium.

You will receive 2 logs ranging from 1.5 inches to 3 inches long

Shrimp logs are fun addition to any dwarf shrimp tank. Our Opae Ula love to hang out on them and graze on the algae that coats them with time.

What makes Shrimp Mart 100% lava rock the best ?

1. No rock is the same. They are not stamped out concrete molds that terribly represent lava rock. This is real lava the rock that the very famous reefs of Hawaii are built on.

2. They are not random rocks picked up out of somebody's back yard. Each Rock is Hand selected and Hand crafted and Heat Treated sterilizing the rock so you do not have any unwanted pest arriving at your door.

3. Each rock has a flat bottom so they are sturdy when placed in your tank and allows for more solid stacking.

4. Its porous nature allows for great live rock cultures and minimal water displacement. That promote healthy tanks for all marine animals.

What to do when you receive your rock ?

1. Give it a rinse with the hose or tap water to rid any dust or debris that could have accumulated in the shipping process. I do a general cleaning and sterilization but its still important to wash before tank.

2. After the rock is clean rinse the tap water off with your tank water riding it of any contaminates.

3. place in tank and enjoy.

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