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5 Endemic Hawaiian Left Handed Hermit Crab clean up crew (Medium size)


Medium size = shell is between 1/2-1 inch or 2-3 cms.
Add 1-2 per gallon in filtered tanks.

For Opae Ula Tanks:

Need to add a little life to your Volcano Shrimp tank ? Add Shrimp Marts new tank mate the Hawaiian left handed hermit crab.

Our hermit crabs are VERY hardy just like our shrimp. They can thrive in a variety of salinity and PH ranges but have been acclimated to live in Opae brackish water. Opae Ula and hermit crabs live together in wild Opae Ula ponds they scavenge shrimp waste and debris.

Hermit crabs and Opae Ula get along great with each other and have a synergistic effect that keeps your shrimps tank clean by eating left over food that can pollute tank water.

For Reef Tanks:

Reef safe
Temperature: 74-82 degree
Shipped in 1.023 gravity water
Very Hardy , great scavenger,

Please specify that you want reef acclimated hermit crabs in paypal checkout.

Hermit crabs do grow slowly and like to change shells and move into new homes do not forget to add 2-3 empty shells to your tank for your crabs to move in and out of !!

Contact us with any questions you may have .

We offer Wholesale Hermit crab pricing to retailers in the united states