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7x7 inch Opae Ula maintenance free desktop aquarium kit Not sealed units FREE SHIPPING

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Shrimp Marts Desktop aquariums are open air units designed to sustain Opae Ula life for many years. Opae Ula are known to live up to 20 years! Our units come with a Cultured coral lava rock and live sand to feed the shrimp in your tank for years to come. Along with 5-10 Opae Ula depending on the size of your kit.

On the market are sealed systems. Customer satisfaction is low with these units for several reasons.

1. The shrimp in these units if you ever noticed are clear or pink. This is a classic sign of a unhappy shrimp. It is true that some shrimp are more pale then others . But the shrimp in our units are red as seen in pics.

2. They reduce the lifespan of a shrimp that can live up to 20 years down to 2 years... That alone should make it a shame to buy these units.

3. The shrimp in other Small Sealed units are starved. Not enough food is able to grow inside and since it is sealed you do not have the option to feed them. With time the shrimp shrink in size and consume there own exoskeleton ! Leaving pale small shrimp in your unit.

4. These units often come with only 4-5 shrimp inside making them dull to watch and are not customizable at all. Open desktop units such as ours can easily support up to 6 happy red Opae Ula. That you can watch feed on the algae covered rock or feed them yourself. With our shrimp food.

5. Sealed units cost a fortune to refill with new shrimp after their short 2 year lifespan . Our tanks are easy to add shrimp to if you desire and make it easy to add new decorations.

How to care for a Desktop kit?

1.Simply remove the kit from package.
2.Remove cork in top used for shipping.
3.Place where the tank and preferably get indirect sunlight or a good source of artificial light.
4. add bottled water over time to compensate for evaporated water.
5. " optional" feeding your shrimp 1-2 times a week. Our shrimp food.

Please contact us with any questions !

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