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Dwarf Shrimp color enhancing shrimp pellets for happy red shrimp


Your are buying 10 grams of High quality food that can feed up to 100 Opae Ula 3 times a week for 1 year or longer. Depending on size of tank.

Feeding your Opae Ula is not always necessary. However, it can help speed up the growth and provide the shrimp with extra energy. When keeping large quantities of shrimp feeding becomes important to promote growth and maturation.

This food has a high a Astaxanthin content. Astaxanthin is what gives shrimp there red tint. Some shrimp are even farmed for this nutritional supplement. It is easy to feed and gives great color.

Feeding instructions:
1. grab a very one small pellet and either cut break it in half or feed whole. Be sure to only give your shrimp what they can eat in order to not pollute water.

2. Drop the pellet in the tank and it will sink to the bottom for the shrimp

3. Enjoying watching your shrimp feed. The Opae Ula will come to the pellet and begin to eat with each other.

4. A small amount of left over food is fine especially in a bigger tank however if you have a small tank with a pint or quart of water you may want to take the left overs out of tank.

That's all there is to it. If you do have questions about this please ask !