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Dwarf shrimp food nutritional blend with growth sticks, color, energy can last 1+ year


Your are buying 10 grams of High quality food that can feed up to 100 Opae Ula 3 times a week for 1 year or longer. Depending on size of tank.

Feeding your Opae Ula is not always necessary. However, it can help speed up the growth and provide the shrimp with extra energy. When keeping large quantities of shrimp feeding becomes important to promote growth and maturation.

This blend has a variety of nutrious sticks that your shrimp will love. With sticks to enhance color, give energy, and promote growth.

Feeding instructions:
1. Grab a stick of food. Break off as much as your shrimp can eat in a few hours as demonstrated in picture.

2. Drop pellet into the water and it will sink to bottom.

3. Enjoying watching your shrimp feed. Shrimp will gather and eat with each other.

4. Left over food will be eaten later If there is a lot of noticeible food left over it is a good idea to take it out to avoid water quality drops. It is best to try and avoid over feeding as much as possible.

That's all there is to it. If you do have questions about this please ask !