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Live Red Volcano Shrimp Moss for fresh and saltwater tanks "Large Size"


Finally for sale, as requested by many customers is Shrimp Marts very own, Angel Hair Moss! Just like our Opae Ula this moss can live the harshest water conditions great for beginners !

You will receive 1 Tennis Ball size portion of Angel Hair Moss, That will grown and stay green in saltwater, brackish water, and freshwater. " a tennis ball sizes goes a long way with this moss "

We Organically grow our Angel Hair Moss in our Volcano Shrimp tanks, by using our shrimp to fertilize the moss. No chemicals or fertilizers are used to produce this product.

What is Shrimp Marts Angel Hair Moss?

Angel Hair Moss grows naturally in native Opae Ula ponds. It has a silky appearance with many fibrous strands of moss that make up a beautiful silky ball of light green moss. Our shrimp love to spend their time grazing on the moss.

Since Angel Hair Moss is so soft and pliable unlike other mosses what you can do with it is endless.

1. Twirl the moss tightly into a silky rope
2. Attach it to driftwood or rocks to make a tree
3. Make it into a ball

There is lots more you can do with it get creative and share your photos on our Facebook.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to buy in bulk thank you !

Sold Out