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Live Shrimp Coral Feeding plate with Honu print


Keep your tank clean with Shrimp Marts very own handcrafted feeding plate for your live shrimp tank. With a 3D Honu Turtle to keep the food in place.

The coral tables range form 3-4 inches in diameter if you would like bigger or smaller please contact us.

Why should i put a feeding plate in my tank ?

Besides putting a awesome Honu turtle that is made in Hawaii from real Hawaiian Coral in your shrimp tank to separate your tank from the rest. A feeding plate has practical applications.

1. It allows you to see how much food you have given your shrimp and how much they actually ate to more accurately feed your shrimp.

2. Easy to clean up the food that inst eaten because leftovers will be easy to see and taken out of tank if needed instead of it floating around and making substrate dirty.

3. It is always entertaining to watch your shrimp gather for a feast on these awesome plates.

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