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Metabetaeus lohena, Or Alpha Opae Ula Anchialine Shrimp

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M. Lohena are another Shrimp species that live naturally with Opae ula in anchialine ponds. They are a lot larger then Opae Ula and range from 1/2-1 inch in size. which is about 2-3 times the size of Normal Opae Ula. They have distinct line pattern on there tails large claws. They are a lot more rare than Opae Ula and prefer to have more space.

A great way to add excitement and expand your tank !!!!
Add 1-2 for every 100 shrimp

Alpha Opae are very entertaining to watch in a Opae Ula tank. They add new excitement and energy to your tank. There temperament is more aggressive then Opae Ula. Which is why I gave them the name Alpha or Boss Opae Ula. When prowling the tank they boss around the Opae making them move out of there way.

Diet: They scavenge and eat the same foods as Opae Ula.

Minimum tank size: 1 gal

Hardiness : They are a little less hardy then H. Rubra however, they are still a tough shrimp and can handle a lot harsher conditions compared to any other shrimp out there

Common M. lohena Myth:
If you read online you may come across people saying that these shrimp eat the Opae Ula and that their diet consist of H.rubra. This is in fact a massive myth. In my years of keeping both of these Shrimp and Hours of observation I have never witnessed a M. lohena attack and kill a Opae Ula. In fact to my knowledge nobody has. During feeding times in my tank they eat the same algae or shrimp food that i give all my other shrimp. In fact they get greedy and try to take a flake for themselves while many other shrimp swarm it. Clearly if they wanted to eat Opae they would not prefer shrimp food.

more pics and video coming soon