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Opae Ula food pure algae dwarf shrimp! Supports High Energy and Growth


Your are buying 10 grams of High quality food that can feed up to 100 Opae Ula 3 times a week for 1 year or longer. Depending on size of tank.

Feeding your Opae Ula is not always necessary. However, it can help speed up the growth and provide the shrimp with extra energy. When keeping large quantities of shrimp feeding becomes important to promote growth and maturation.

Feeding instructions:
1. grab a very small pinch of food. Or use the tip of a fork or toothpick and take a small portion of powder out.

2. sprinkle food on top of the water ( as shown in pic ) a think speckled layer on the surface. " This part is important you do not want to have big clumps floating on the water, it is best to have a thin layer coating the top".

3. Enjoying watching your shrimp feed. The Opae Ula will come to the surface and start sifting the water eating the specs of food. Part of this process is learned by the shrimp. After the first week or two of feedings they will be trained to go to the surface to eat.

4. Left over food will simply sink to the bottom where the shrimp will eat it on another day. This is why it is good to not over feed them and have clumps floating in the water. Wasted food with time will pollute the water. As long as you feed the shrimp at most every other day small amounts the water quality will remain fine.

That's all there is to it. If you do have questions about this please ask !